Le marais de Gannedel

Type : Countryside heritage

Category : Departmental Sensitive Natural Area

Le marais de Gannedel

35660 La Chapelle-de-Brain

Le marais de Gannedel

Description :

The Gannedel Marsh, part of the vast marshland complex around Redon in the southernmost tip of the département of Ille-et-Vilaine, was formed by the confluence of the Vilaine and Canut rivers. It is a vitally important area, one of the département's most extensive wetlands. Gannedel is the natural habitat of many species of bird throughout the year but it is in spring that the marsh is at its most interesting. The vast reed beds and wetlands provide the nesting sites for many birds such as marsh passerines (perching birds), herons, crakes etc.

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