La pointe du Meinga

Type : Countryside heritage

Category : Departmental Sensitive Natural Area

La pointe du Meinga

35350 Saint-Coulomb

La pointe du Meinga

Description :

This rocky headland is typical of the coastline of Brittany, carpeted with moorland and coastal heath. Because the Pointe du Meinga lies in a north-south direction and the predominant winds are westerlies, the cape has an unusual form of vegetation. The east side, which is sheltered from the winds, has moorland with tall shrubs; the west side, which is swept by the predominant winds, is carpeted with stubby heath and low-growing vegetation. This is also a major nesting site for demanding, easily-frightened sea birds because the nesting areas are difficult for Man to reach. The moors and ditches also provide migratory birds with a temporary habitat.

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