The Legends of Brocéliande

The Brocéliande Forest is the scene of the legend of King Arthur and the mythical heart of Brittany. Its enchanting landscape of moorland, forest and deep valleys have long provided inspiration to story-tellers and popular beliefs.

At Paimpont, the attraction ‘Brocéliande, la Porte des Secrets’ reveals many different aspects of the forest.

The Forest of Brocéliande

The ancient Forest of Brocéliande takes you on a journey of mythical sites in the footsteps of King Arthur, the Knights of the Round Table, Merlin the Wizard and the fairies Viviane and Morgane. The ‘Hôtié de Viviane’ offers spectacular views of the winding Vallée du Val sans Retour (Valley of No Return), where Morgane the Fairy held unfaithful knights prisoner, the site of the enchanting Arbre d’Or (Golden Tree) and the Miroir aux Fées (Fairies’ Mirror).  Further to the north lies ‘La Fontaine de Barenton’ the mythical secret meeting place of Merlin et Viviane, where according to legend, a single drop of water spilt on the entrance steps is enough to unleash a storm in the heavens.

Merlin’s Tomb

Next stop on your enchanting journey is the Fontaine de Jouvence (Fountain of Youth) and the ‘Tombeau de Merlin’ (Merlin’s Tomb), the remains of a megalithic site with a holly tree growing through it. Round off your expedition with a relaxing stop on the banks of the romantic Etang du Pas-du-Houx or at the historic remains of the Forges de Paimpont.

Around Paimpont

There are many other magical sites in the region including the Chambre aux Loups at Iffendic and the untamed valleys of the Serein and the Aff. The presence of unusual megalithic sites throughout the region reminds us of the ancient beliefs and rites long held by its inhabitants.

Patience, perseverance and a taste for adventure are needed to shed light on the mysteries of Brocéliande... but take care not to be totally bewitched!

Video of Merlin’s Tomb (in French)

Photos of Brocéliande

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