The rich past of Upper Brittany Ille-et-Vilaine has left numerous traces which you can enjoy visiting during your stay: châteaux, museums, historic monuments and sites, guided tours of towns with a beautiful architectural heritage…

La Motte Joubin et le jardin médiéval

Historical sites and monuments

35137 Bédée

During the Middle Ages, with the development of feudalism, the Lords had to have a defensive system to be protected from any attack. The best way...

L'ancien tribunal

Historical sites and monuments

35160 Montfort-sur-Meu

In 1799, Montfort becomes the headquarters of a subprefecture and of a district court. ...

La Tour Duguesclin

Historical sites and monuments

35390 Grand-Fougeray

Fougeray keep was built in the 14th century and is all that remains of what was once a great Brittany stronghold, located in a strategic area in...

L'église Saint-Guillaume

Historical sites and monuments

35750 Saint-Gonlay

Surrounded by its cemetary, it is dated from the XVIth and XVIIth centuries. ...

35260 Cancale

Breton fishing boats, deep sea fishing, furniture, clothes, models, video. Annual exhibition.

35190 Tinténiac

2,000 tools bring 11 trades back to life: ironsmiths, blacksmiths, farriers, cartwrights, saddlers, cobblers, clogmakers, hoopers, coopers,...

Espace des Sciences

Heritage centre and site

35000 Rennes

The Espace des Sciences is a Science Discovery Centre at the heart of the Champs Libres Cultural Complex. Visitors can discover and understand...


Historical sites and monuments

35270 Combourg

A character town, rural holiday resort and recognized cycling stopover, Combourg is a charming place between Rennes and Saint-Malo and is also the ...

Palais Saint-Georges

Historical sites and monuments

35000 Rennes

Abbatiale de Saint-Méen-le-Grand

Historical sites and monuments

35290 Saint-Méen-le-Grand

An abbey (11th-14th century) was founded at the end of the 6th century by MEWEN. Destroyed by the Normans in 919, an abbot by the name of HINGUETON...
Chapelle Sainte Agathe

Chapelle Sainte Agathe

Historical sites and monuments

35660 Langon

Sainte Agathe's Chapel, famous for its Roman paintings, relates 18 centuries of history. It was successively Gallo-Roman thermal baths (end of 2nd...

Centre culturel l'Avant-Scène

Historical sites and monuments

35160 Montfort-sur-Meu

The construction of the function room started in 1914 and ended after the war. It is now a cultural center called 'L'avant Scène'. ...

Eglise Notre Dame

Historical sites and monuments

35500 Vitré

The collegiate church of Notre-Dame founded in 1060 by Robert 1st of Vitré, was rebuilt in the 15th and 16th centuries, and then partly re-arranged...

35200 Rennes

Come and explore 5 centuries of history of the Pays de Rennes. The museum uses history, ethnology, science and techniques to look at society,...

Malouinière de la Ville Bague

Historical sites and monuments

35350 Saint-Coulomb

Just 10 minutes from Saint-Malo, this shipowner's house was built in 1710 by Garangeau, an architect of Vauban, for the Eon family from Ville Bague...

Château de Fougères

Historical sites and monuments

35300 Fougères

Fougères Castle is the largest fortress in Europe. Enjoy a 90-minute sound and vision experience and take a trip back in time to the Middle Ages to...

Le Bois Orcan

Historical sites and monuments

35530 Noyal-sur-Vilaine

Built during the 14th and 15th centuries, the listed Château du Bois Orcan at Noyal-sur-Vilaine is an architectural gem from the ‘Golden Age of...

La Vieille Eglise

Historical sites and monuments

35800 Saint-Lunaire

Discover the 'Old Church' in Saint-Lunaire with its 11th century romanesque nave. This historic church houses one of the most beautiful groups of...

35160 Montfort-sur-Meu

The old urban development of Montfort left traces in the construction of houses. ...

Village Etape de Saint-Brice-en-Coglès

Historical sites and monuments

35460 Maen Roch

Signed from the motorway, the village of Saint-Brice-en-Coglès provide holiday-makers with services complying with a Charter that guarantees a...
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