Every year Upper Brittany Ille-et-Vilaine welcomes internationally renowned festivals including the Trans Musicales in Rennes and the Route du Rock, Quai des Bulles and Etonnants Voyageurs in Saint-Malo, which feature artists and performers from all walks of life.


Festival Classique au Large

Concert, Festival, Classical music, Music

FromDate 27/04/2018 ToDate 30/04/2018

35400 Saint-Malo

At the Palais du Grand Large - 1 quai Duguay-Trouin. Classical music festival with the works of the great composers. Porgrammation coming

Etonnants Voyageurs

Festival, Forum / Gathering / Book signing, Cultural

FromDate 19/05/2018 ToDate 21/05/2018

35400 Saint-Malo

Palais du Grand Large and Quai Saint-Malo - Quai Dugauy Trouin The Amazing Voyageurs festival this exceptional human adventure and literary, to be...

Corsair Tattoo Ink

Trade fair or exhibition

FromDate 07/07/2018 ToDate 08/07/2018

35400 Saint-Malo

From 10h to 21h at the Quai Saint-Malo - Quai Duguay-Trouin The Corsair Tattoo Ink will gather the cream of French and international tattoo on the...

Festival de Musique Sacrée

Concert, Sacred music, Music

FromDate 19/07/2018 ToDate 17/08/2018

35400 Saint-malo

to St. Vincent Cathedral - Central Paris. Since the restoration of the Saint-Vincent Cathedral, completed in May 1972, a Sacred Music Festival is...

Les Apéro'Zique

Concert, Festival, Music


35190 Saint-Pern

Programmation 2018

Festival La Route du Rock

Concert, Festival, Contemporary music, Music

FromDate 16/08/2018 ToDate 19/08/2018

35430 Saint-Père


Solidor Métiers d'Art

Exhibition, Trade fair or exhibition

FromDate 18/08/2018 ToDate 20/08/2018

35400 Saint-Malo

From 10h to 19h on the Esplanade du Commandant Menguy - Tour Solidor - Saint-Servan An exhibition-sale of 50 professional artists and artisans...

Festival du Roi Arthur

Concert, Festival, Major event, Music

FromDate 24/08/2018 ToDate 26/08/2018

35310 Bréal-sous-Montfort


Open Emeraude Solaire

Sporting competition, Sport and leisure

FromDate 15/09/2018 ToDate 23/09/2018

35400 Saint-Malo

At the Marville Sports Complex - Avenue de Marville - Saint-Malo Women's professional tennis tournament. $ 60,000 + accommodation The players will...


Concert, Festival, Traditional music, Major event, Cultural, Music


35000 Rennes

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