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The Gate of Secretsenter the legend of Brocéliande
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The Gate of Secrets

A veritable kingdom of the imagination, Brocéliande is full of surprising characters who nourish tales and legends. The magical universe of the Gate of Secrets will reveal many mysteries. You’ll be told about forest life, the inhabitants, stories and anecdotes by a forest warden during an enchanted visit.

Unravel the mysteries of the forest of Brocéliande

In the former outbuildings of the prestigious Paimpont Abbey, a unique experience awaits you in four rooms and corridors, where you will be guided by Pierre, forest warden, who will reveal the mysteries of Brocéliande. The Gate of Secrets will plunge you into the different universes of this land of legends, which you will then be able to experience by visiting the forest.

The forest warden’s workshop

Pierre, from a family of forest wardens, was born in Brocéliande and knows all its secrets. When he is not in the forest, he spends his time in this workshop. Here he makes boxes, each one representing a site, an anecdote or a memory of Brocéliande. Opening these boxes means discovering the mysterious facets of the forest.

After Pierre’s workshop, take the “forest corridor”, which will lead you to the heart of the forest.


At the heart of the forest

Stags, deer and wild boar are the wild animals that live here, and that you might come across. But that’s not all…

Pierre will guide you through the land of his ancestors, to discover popular tales that originated here and the fairytale characters who live here too. Set off on a journey where nothing is as it seems, and discover the magic of the place !

After the forest, learn about the special relationship, nurtured over the centuries, between the forest and men, before discovering the blacksmiths activity.

The Flames of the Forge

Pierre will the take you through Brocéliande’s past linked to iron. Because once upon a time, iron was a thriving activity in Brocéliande, the bread and butter of many families. Engravings, illustrations and photographs will show you these forest trades, including coal merchants and blacksmiths, who were considered the first alchemists.
After the heat of the furnaces, enter the very heart of Brocéliande with the Master Tree.

The Master Tree

The Master Tree embodies the very essence of the forest, its strength, its beauty and its serenity. Like legends, it is eternal. Let yourself be bewitched by the magic of this unique place.

Then, head off to discover Brocéliande. In the forest, let yourself be carried away by the visible and invisible presences, and let your heart and mind be lulled by timeless legends…

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> From 12 March to 11 November : every day
> From 11 November to 12 March : Wednesday to Sunday

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