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10 perfect picnic spots in Ille‑et‑Vilaine

It’s a well-known fact that walking works up an appetite. But a gust of wind that knocks over your drink, the breeze that carries the scents of the nearby chicken house, or the constant flow of vehicles can quickly get the better of our enthusiasm to enjoy a good picnic.

With the help of a connoisseur of walks in Ille-et-Vilaine, we have identified our top 10 picnic spots!

The Corniche Path in Cancale

For a combination of convenience and enjoyment, Cancale is an ideal spot. After buying your oysters in town, set off on the Chemin de la Corniche and settle peacefully in one of the little recessed areas to enjoy the surrounding nature. Keep going to the summit and you’ll be able to enjoy a superb view of Houle harbour and the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel. For a post-meal stroll, follow the guide to discover the villages of Cancale !

The megalithic site of Fairy Rock

What could be more magical than tucking into a ham baguette surrounded by standing stones, dolmens and other cromlechs ? The site of the Fairy Rock is a grandiose and mysterious place, which we have already mentioned.

With its very special atmosphere, this is the ideal place for a picnic. Nearby, the Fairy Rock House will tell you more about the myth and, through its interpretation trail, will help you to better understand the mentality and the ideas of the builders who bequeathed us these odd monuments.

The Rectory garden in Saint-Christophe-de-Valains

Half-way between Rennes and Mont-Saint-Michel, in the bocage area on the Breton border, Saint-Christophe de Valains is home to a pretty garden next to its rectory. Here you will find tables and toilets. If you want shade, an ancient oak tree commemorating the Revolution of 1848 is nearby, called Chêne de la Liberté.

A waterside stop in Brain-sur-Vilaine

After a walk along the River Vilaine, if you go far enough, the waterside stop in Brain has facilities especially for picnicking. You could choose a spot close to Saint-Melaine chapel or its fountain, which is said to be never-ending. Or the bottom of Tru windmill, which dates to the early 20th century. Or you could settle in front of Gannadel marshes, where you might be lucky enough to see a flight of herons or buzzards.

The Mound of Mont-Dol

When the weather is good, the view from the Mont-Dol Mound is simply incredible. A nearly 360° view of the surrounding countryside and, in the middle, Mont-Saint-Michel, which you can observe close-up through a telescope.

For your lunch break, there are four tables in the shade at the foot of the mound, close to the windmill which can be visited. If you look closely, you’ll see a 360-year-old chestnut tree, which has a circumference of nearly 7 metres !

The lake in Bain-de-Bretagne

Nature protectors will love the 37 hectares of Bain-de-Bretagne lake! With the “écojardin” label, this lake, called “Etang de la Bornière”, was already a stopover place used by travellers in the 14th century, who came here to rest at Relais de la Croix Verte and to change their horses.

A picnic area has been created here with games for children, and dry toilets. As you revel in the calm on the water’s edge, sated by you meal, imagine the centuries of history that shaped this land, from the fairs along the road between Nantes and Rennes to the development of the railway.

The market square and the lake in Betton

Where better than a “Town in Bloom” to have a little rest while you enjoy a picnic ? The lake in Betton is overlooked by the impressive Saint Martin’s church. On Sunday morning, a lively market lines the towpath, sometimes with cheerful concerts, for the delight of residents and tourists.

Pont-Réan slipway

If you have already strolled through the unspoilt nature in Boël, then you weren’t far from Pont-Réan and perhaps you walked across the famous bridge that gives it its name. In the centre of the village, this bridge with nine arches is a listed historic monument. And rightly so, as it was built in 1767 ! The slipway in this commune shared between Bruz and Guichen is the starting point for around 10 canoe outings which will allow you to discover the surrounding natural environment as you glide on the Vilaine and its tributaries.

The lake in La Selle Guerchaise

If you like comfort, the lake in La Selle Guerchaise has everything you could possibly want. In addition to the traditional picnic tables on the water’s edge, there is a rustic shelter with a refrigerator, tables and chairs for walkers and fishers to use free of charge. And if you’re really hungry, an outdoor barbecue is perfect for gatherings between friends or family, along with a games area for children. Not far from here, don’t miss the detour to discover Saint Anne’s chapel, an authentic 19th-century Indo-Chinese pagoda, the only one in France!

The bivouac area of Mare aux Mortiers – Saint-Senoux

Situated 30 km north-west of Rennes, Couesnon Valley is a remarkable site. Regularly mentioned as one of the loveliest walks in the region, this adventure along the Couesnon will take you to the belvedere at La Roche, which offers an unmissable view of the valley.

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