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15 ideas for family activities in Ille‑et‑Vilaine

Are your children overflowing with energy and you have nothing planned? We have the solution. Regardless of the weather, we propose a little guide of family activities in Ille-et-Vilaine. There’s something for every taste and every family!


Meet land and sea animals

The Grand Aquarium in Saint-Malo is a must! You’ll discover numerous underwater species and you’ll travel from cold water to warm water. There is a 360° aquarium where you can see sharks (with no fear of attack!) and over 300 fish and turtles. And that’s not all! There’s also a touch pool, a simulator of descending into the depths or you can board the Nautibus submarine.

Or perhaps you prefer to see land animals? Located between Rennes and Saint-Malo, the Bourbansais zoo and castle give you the chance to admire a superb castle and to meet giraffes, monkeys or birds in their recreated natural spaces.

Become a hero and solve clues

What if it’s raining? Don’t panic! It’s the opportunity to visit the Enigmaparc  in Janzé! Here, you are the hero! In a completely covered building, come and give your brain a workout in 12 different universes: Ancient Egypt, the Middle Ages, Greek mythology, Asia, South America, a Celtic village, Polynesia, and more, filled with clues that you’ll need to solve to find the secret exits.

If you’re not afraid to walk through an abandoned mine, discover the entrance to an Egyptian tomb or get lost in a maze, then this is the place for you!

Discover science in a fun way

Travel through one million years in this area for children and adults. L’Espace des Sciences in the Champs Libres in Rennes is the ideal place if you like learning new things as a family.

Between the planetarium, Merlin’s laboratory, the Earth room or the Eureka room with temporary exhibitions and events, science will reveal (nearly) all of its secrets to you and your science apprentices!

Plunge into the Middle Ages

Go back in time and set off to discover  Fougères castle, the largest fortress in Europe! A show will present everyday life and the history of the Brittany border area. There is a trail for little knights, with activities, visits and themed workshops.

Vitré castle is one of the most beautiful fortresses in Europe. The castle has a beautiful courtyard. Today it is home to the museum, promising a very enriching visit.

Combourg castle and the families that really existed were the inspiration for Geoffroy de Monmouth, author of books on the Round Table. The coats of arms of Lancelot can be found here. Much later, the writer François René de Châteaubriand spent some of his youth here. The castle is considered in literature as the “birthplace of romanticism”.

Let the adrenaline flow !

Do you want to surpass yourself and experience some thrilling moments with your family? Then go to the leisure park at Trémelin Lake in Iffendic! In a superb wooded site covering 220 hectares, get some height on the four treetop trails (from the age of 3) or take to the water with the numerous water sports proposed! Mountain biking, trampolining and many other activities are also possible!

If you are near Rennes, go to the Forêt Adrénaline adventure park in Parc des Gayeulles in Rennes. You’ll find 15 treetop trails for all levels. Accessible from the age of 2, adventurers can find the trail that suits them.

Unlock the mystery of Landes de Cojoux

The second megalithic site in Brittany, the site of Landes de Cojoux can be visited by foot, bike or wheelchair. You can admire its megalithic monuments and the beauty of the Breton moors!

Explore a land of legends…

Merlin the Wizard, the fairies Vivien and Morgane, the Valley of No Return… You must have heard about these legends that are rooted in the forest of Brocéliande. Steeped in legends and mysteries, even the most sceptical will be seduced by its beauty! If you have never heard about these legends, you can be accompanied by a storyteller.

The Jardins de Brocéliande is another fun family outing! The 24 hectares of gardens will awaken all your senses through fun trails to complete with bare feet or even blindfolded!

And if the weather isn’t good, which isn’t often in Brittany, go to the Gate of Secrets where a forest warden will take you on the sunken forest paths through an astonishing exhibition.

Family geocaching!

Try out a treasure hunt 2.0 and discover or rediscover the sites of Ille-et-Vilaine with the Trésors de Haute-Bretagne app! To take part, just take a smartphone with you…

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