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The Rance Valley

Along the water’s edge, the Rance Valley allows you to discover grandiose and delicate nature. Many activities are possible along this preserved estuary: hikes on the riverside paths, discovery of migrating birds and also chapels, tide mills, shipyards, hamlets and fine residences.

Nature, along the water’s edge

The Rance finishes its journey at the bottom of Dinard and Saint-Malo, in a sumptuous ria. Salt and freshwater mix here, creating a universe of wooded creeks and large bays. An emerald green and deep blue estuary, like in Minihic-sur-Rance, where the dry dock of La Landriais recalls the maritime vocation of the Rance : boats were built here to go to Newfoundland. Snuggled under the foliage, the chapel of La Souhaitier, in Plouër-sur-Rance, also evokes this harsh past, dedicated to the sea and to its good and bad fortunes. It rises up in the hollow of the bay, a peaceful and intimate stop that also marks the starting point for a hike. The summer crowd stays away from these miniature havens overlooked by maritime pines.

From mansion houses to fortifications…

On both sides of the river, building heritage provides some enthralling stops : Saint-Suliac, with the “Most beautiful villages in France label”, the Montmarin mansion house in Pleurtuit, tide mills, etc. In the Rance Valley, hamlets and villages blend into the landscape to leave the  tranquil beauty intact. As for military architecture, there is a wide range of testimonies here, such as the fort in Saint-Père-Marc-en-Poulet or Tour Solidor, which rises at the entrance of the river like a mineral and unusual guard. The famous privateer city of Saint-Malo recalls the importance of this former free port with its rich shipowners’ houses and parapet walks. An absolute must !

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