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Carte Touristique / Tourist Map

1 pages

Map showing the cities and sights of Haute-Bretagne Ille-et-Vilaine.

Where to go and what to do

108 pages

Haute-Bretagne Ille et Vilaine brings you a wole host of sporting and cultural activities for you to enjoy at your leisure.

Holidays in Upper Brittany

32 pages

When you hear the words Upper Brittany Ille-et-Vilaine, you probably think of fresh sea air and wide horizons, huge tides, beautiful parks and gardens, towns with a rich artistic and historic heritage, picturesque character villages, medieval castles such as Fougères and Vitré, or the mysterious Brocéliande Forest at Paimpont. You will have no doubt heard of its rivers, marshes, canals and lakes, its wonderful legends, its local fetes and iconic festivals like the Transmusicales in Rennes and Etonnants Voyageurs in Saint-Malo.

Discover the 8 tourist tours

24 pages

Because they criss-cross nature of contrasts and stop the heart of our cities, our villages, these 8 tours are an invitation to discovery. Mysterious forests, a mosaic of groves, green banks of rivers.

Tour of Brocéliande

A region caressed by the soft wind of legends, Broceliande is a great place to visit. An enchanting 90-kilometers circuit along the roads takes in a host of beautiful sites : from Iffendic to Trehorenteuc, Concoret and Treffendel, welcome to a world of innumerable shades of green revealing a splendid natural and architectural wealth. Get out of your vehicle to be overwhelmed by the magical atmosphere of the sites.

Tour of the Couesnon Valley

Alternating woods and forests, deep valleys and vast plains of the Couesnon Valley promises its visitors a beautiful journey through a variety of landscapes. On board your vehicle to a safe circuit, marked by directional signs, go to meet a kind of intimate but also a genuine architectural heritage. The River Couesnon, always close, is the leitmotiv of this circuit of 80 km road that runs the heart of the Pays de Fougères.

In the land of Madame de Sévigné

The Marquise de Sévigné was an inquisitive, cultivated and generous woman made famous by her letters, true gems of French literature. In following this itinerary, you will cross the Vitré region, where she stayed on many occasions, and discover the richness of its cultural and natural heritage and its wealth of leisure activities.

Tour of Vilaine Valley

The Vilaine may be a river renowned for its whims, but it is also an uniting force, creating a link between majestic landscapes, picturesque village and towns with history-laden streets. Its valley marks the starting point of a large number of walks and rides heading both along its changing banks and inland. Set off to explore an exceptional natural environment that manking has learnt to tame, and then maintain, for your greatest enjoyment..
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