The brightly-coloured stalls at the picturesque, friendly, lively markets of Upper Brittany Ille-et-Vilaine are wonderful places to stroll around and buy fresh local produce.

FromDate 12/02/2017 ToDate 29/12/2017

35400 Saint-Malo

Visit Family of the Corsaire Saint-Malo A visit in family that allows to approach the City Corsair in a playful and didactic way. The history of...

FromDate 14/02/2017 ToDate 30/12/2017

35400 Saint-Malo

Saint-Malo Accompanied by a guide-lecturer, discover the history and anecdotes of Saint-Malo at the bend of the narrow streets of intra-muros and...

FromDate 01/04/2017 ToDate 31/12/2017

35120 Dol-de-Bretagne

An exhibition about the prehistory, geology and history of Mont Dol in the Exhibition Hall next to the church....

FromDate 01/04/2017 ToDate 30/09/2017

35260 Cancale

Every day from 10am to 12pm and from 15h to 19h, the Roussia gallery, 24 rue du Port - Cancale Exhibition Animal Art, paintings, sculptures and...

FromDate 10/04/2017 ToDate 04/11/2017

35400 Saint-Malo

IN THE HEART OF THE PARKS IN OYSTERS Guided tour of an hour and a half in the oyster parks at low tide: visit the oyster parks and discover the...
Captation Jardin des Arts 2016 Chateaubourg

Exhibition : Jardin des Arts (Art and Gardens) 2011

Nature trips, Exhibition, Cultural, Nature and relaxation

FromDate 01/05/2017 ToDate 17/09/2017

35220 Châteaubourg

Every year since 2003, more than 20 large-scale sculptures have been displayed at Ar Milin', providing a new approach to these contemporary works...

FromDate 01/06/2017 ToDate 31/07/2017

35400 Saint-Malo

Every day from 9.45 am to 6 pm at the Cathedral (outside the celebrations) and from Tuesday to Saturday from 2 pm to 6 pm at the International...

FromDate 20/06/2017 ToDate 08/10/2017

35260 Cancale

Every day from 10 am to 12.30 pm and from 2 pm to 6 pm at the Musée des Arts et Traditions Populaires, Place Saint-Méen - - Cancale In 2017, a...

FromDate 20/06/2017 ToDate 29/07/2017

35260 Cancale

During the 30th anniversary of La Cancalaise, the Municipal Library of Cancale organizes a literary exhibition from June 20th to July 29th. Twenty...

FromDate 24/06/2017 ToDate 26/08/2017

35400 Saint-Malo

At the opening hours of the Grande Passerelle - 2 rue Nicolas Bouvier - La Gare - Saint-Malo The multimedia library revisited by the Malouine...
exposition le Village-été-Bazouges-gislaine-trividic

The Village - Springtime in Bazouges-la Pérouse - Copie

Exhibition, Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Cultural, Alternative

FromDate 25/06/2017 ToDate 03/09/2017

35560 Bazouges-la-Pérouse

Le Village is a centre for experimental art in a rural setting which aims to introduce the public to contemporary art....

FromDate 27/06/2017 ToDate 30/07/2017

35400 Saint-Malo

At 9h30 or 15h, departure Terminus du Val - 16 rue du Goéland - Rothéneuf Guided walk with commentary. Discover the cliffs sculpted by the Hermit...

FromDate 01/07/2017 ToDate 17/09/2017

35150 Essé

This exhibition by Montfort Living Museum (Ecomusée) is open all summer at 'La Maison de la Roche aux Fées'. The Neolithic period or New Stone Age...

FromDate 01/07/2017 ToDate 31/07/2017

35400 Saint-Malo

Every day at Les Charmettes - 64 boulevard Hébert - Courtoisville - Saint-Malo Exhibition of works by Annabel Levé

FromDate 01/07/2017 ToDate 29/07/2017

35400 Saint-Malo

At 11am at the Briantais Park - rue Maurice Nogues This year again, the Swedish Gym takes its summer quarters in Saint-Malo, in green spaces or on...

FromDate 01/07/2017 ToDate 31/07/2017

35400 Saint-Malo

Every day from 4pm to 3:30 am at the La Caravelle bar - 95 boulevard de Rochebonne - Rochebonne - Saint-Malo A former student of the Applied Arts...

FromDate 01/07/2017 ToDate 17/09/2017

35400 Saint-Malo

From Monday to Friday from 10 am to 12 pm and from 2 pm to 7 pm and Saturday, Sunday and public holidays from 11 am to 7 pm at the Saint-Sauveur...

FromDate 03/07/2017 ToDate 31/08/2017

35350 Saint-Coulomb

At the "Le Phare" socio-cultural center - Saint-Coulomb Children's workshops: Cross-stitch embroidery, hand sewing and knitting - from 6 to 9 years...

FromDate 04/07/2017 ToDate 30/07/2017

35400 Saint-Malo

During the opening hours of the Grande Passerelle - 2 rue Nicolas Bouvier - La Gare - Saint-Malo Paintings and kimographies of Mi-Yo Kim In the...

FromDate 04/07/2017 ToDate 29/07/2017

35400 Saint-Malo

Every day from 10h to 13h and from 15h to 19h30 (except Monday and Sunday mornings) at the Librairie du Môle - Rue de Dinan - Intra-Muros - Saint...
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